The Motorverse (AKA the Automotive Industry) is searching for the next generation of champions.

No matter what you’re into, or what your skills are if you have a great attitude and want to go far in life while earning good money the Motorverse is for you.



There are so many different roles available in the Motorverse, with great teams and opportunities for everyone.


Being a mechanic rocks, but not everyone is into combustion.

What about working on an electric vehicle (EV)?

Your weapon is a computer – diagnose and repair faults on the next generation of high tech vehicles!

From petrol engines like motorbikes and cars, to diesel engines, rotary engines and the newest electric engine, technicians fix them all. Be part of a rally team, fix race cars in the grand prix, build the newest Tesla – the possibilities are endless.


Do you have the gift of the gab? Can you talk your way out of any situation?

Why not a career in sales?

You get to drive the latest models and earn an impressive salary while you do it.

Sell luxury Audis, motorbikes, forklifts, diggers or huge road trucks. If you don’t have experience in the automotive industry, don’t worry, you’ll be taught and may even go to fancy conferences and have the opportunity to test drive new vehicles around a racetrack.


If you’re a practical person, motor bodywork could be the career for you. Panel beating to painting, dent removal to windscreen repair or replacement, every motor vehicle needs body work at some stage.
From repairs to upgrades, bringing a vintage machine back to its original glory or making that new Evo stand out from the crowd, fixing a dented racecar or fashioning the lightest carbon fibre body kit, bodywork has something for everyone.


If you’re good with numbers and solving puzzles, then finance is the motor trade for you.

Dress to impress, be guaranteed an office and make people’s dreams come true.

From internal business accounts to lending money to customers,
finance is an integral part of the motor trade. You could even put your skills to work in your own business; the skills you learn are transferable across all industries and will set you up for life!


Motorverse Stories

Here are some stories of people who have already Mastered the Motorverse.


Motorverse master
“If you are willing to work hard and never stop learning, there is no limit to how far you can go in the automotive industry.”

Brad started in the Motorverse at 17 through a Gateway Programme at his local high school. He worked in parts and completed the New Zealand Certificate in Automotive Parts and Accessories at 18, then went straight into the New Zealand Certificate In Light Automotive Engineering at 19.

At 21, Brad was promoted to after sales manager, where he ran both the parts and service teams and completed the New Zealand Certificate in Business (First Line Management) course.

At 23, Brad did foundation accounting papers at the local polytechnic to learn to read a balance sheet; at 24, Brad was promoted to General Manager with seven staff.

Fast forward nine years, Brad is now the Dealer Principal for three dealerships and five brands, manages 40 staff, and has travelled to Australia, Fiji and Japan for work.


Motorverse Champions

“Women are an asset to the industry and we are really capable.”


Mercedes and Lily from the South Island were well on their way to Mastering the Motorverse when they won the opportunity to join MITO ambassador Hayden Paddon’s pit crew in the Ashley Forest Sprint.

Lily, whose career started in hospitality at age 14, is in her second year of an auto-electrical apprenticeship, while Mercedes, an ex-freezing works packer, is in her second year of a mechanical apprenticeship.

For Hayden, having the MITO apprentices as part of the team is nothing new; his current workshop foreman also joined the crew as a one off opportunity whilst he was an apprentice, becoming a permanent fixture after becoming qualified.


Motorverse is for Everyone
“Every time I submit something for marking and they tell me I’ve passed, it puts an instant smile on my face.”

Learning from books is not for everyone, and it can seem all but impossible for people with learning difficulties.

Having struggled with dyslexia his whole life at school Cole doubted himself so much he stopped trying. “I can’t put a pen to paper, but if you show me how to do something, I can go away and do it straight away,” he explains.

Working in a panel shop, when his employer talked about doing an apprenticeship Cole was hesitant but took the plunge and won a MITO scholarship on the way.

Cole’s MITO Industry Training Advisor, Joe, helped him by installing text-to-speech software on Cole’s laptop and taught him how to use it, meaning Coles’s dyslexia didn’t stand in the way of his success.

Now well on his way to becoming qualified, Cole is loving the journey. “Every time I submit something for marking and they tell me I’ve passed, it puts an instant smile on my face,” he says. “It motivates me to get stuck into the next task, as it’s always a great sense of achievement.”

Who needs a giant uni loan? Why not earn and learn whilst doing an apprenticeship?

The Motorverse is full of opportunities, and apprenticeships. From pre-trades to MITO Te Pūkenga and Gateway programmes, there are many ways to enter.

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